October 27, 2022

How Can Your Electricians Add Value on Every Service Call?


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Service calls are an excellent opportunity to interact face-to-face with customers, providing value and a need for your expertise in installation, repairs, and maintenance. These interactions can become a wonderful source of value when properly utilized.

You can build long-term relationships through practices such as educating customers and engaging with them to better understand their electrification needs.

Educating yourself

Electrification is moving at a fast pace. The latest innovations, such as smart home panels, give homeowners greater control over their energy consumption. Home battery technology is allowing homeowners to be more resilient. At-home EV chargers are a convenient solution for the 42% of Americans who say they would consider an EV purchase, which is especially notable given the fact that 80% of charging occurs at home.

You can provide value by becoming a trusted source of information. A focus on continued education will ensure you remain knowledgeable on the latest trends and products, allowing you to better recommend the best electrification solutions for your customers. Additionally, your expertise in the latest electrification solutions can help establish you as one of the most innovative electricians in your area, giving you a competitive edge.

Being transparent about costs

Many electrification projects are investments, and it can take a few years for homeowners to realize a return on their investment.

For many, the upfront cost or perceived cost can be a barrier but by openly discussing costs and financing options, you can provide homeowners with a more accurate idea of how a project will impact their finances, today and in the future. For instance, EVs may cost more than gas-powered vehicles and will require an additional investment for at-home charging, however, making the switch can save $600 a year on gas alone.

You can provide additional value by discussing ways to save. The Inflation Reduction Act recently introduced new incentives that can add up to $10,000 per household for EVs, appliances, and more. Customers can also benefit from additional savings as many states, local governments, and utility companies offer rebates and other incentive programs. Familiarize yourself with the programs available in your area to discuss concrete ways for your customers to save.

Turning service calls into an exchange

Each household has unique needs, and you will need to consider the age of the home, the size of the family, their lifestyle, budget, and more.

Service calls are an opportunity to engage customers. Ask open-ended questions to learn more about their needs and concerns. Practice active listening to uncover their unique pain points and priorities.

You can then present relevant electrification solutions and explain how these products make sense for the customer’s unique needs. Whether you’re discussing EV charging, a panel upgrade, or solar panels, it’s important to tailor your approach. Focusing on benefits that match the customer’s unique interests and preferences is a strong selling strategy.

A growing number of residential customers are investing in retrofitting projects, but this tip also applies to commercial customers. Businesses are seeing their electrification needs change. The rising energy cost is a concern, and more businesses are adopting better environmental practices. Commercial fleet electrification is also on the rise and can become an interesting market.

Delivering value with data

Data can be a powerful tool. It can make things more concrete. With technology, it’s easier than ever to gather data and turn it into a tool you can use to illustrate the recommendations you make.

Make data a part of the conversation when you engage customers during service calls. You can show how the current electrification solutions are performing or show how a new product would help reduce consumption.

Numbers and data can make any interaction feel more concrete and engaging for both you and the customer. It also empowers customers to make an informed decision, especially when you pair this strategy with a transparent discussion about costs.

Discussing safety and maintenance agreements

You can provide value by introducing additional services, namely safety and maintenance agreements. The current service call can be a good starting point to show the benefits of these agreements.

For instance, you can explain how regular maintenance covered under the agreement could have prevented the issue in the first place. You can also discuss how the agreement would have covered the service call or made the customer eligible for a discount.

If you are installing a new product or performing repairs, you can provide value by discussing how you can offer a warranty through an agreement.

Discussing safety and maintenance agreements should never feel like a sales pitch. You should use what you learned via active listening to show how an agreement would address the unique concerns of the customers. You can also educate the customer about risks or costs associated with their current electrification solution and present the agreement as a solution.

Partnering with Qmerit

Electrification is moving at a rapid pace and increasing every day. There are many exciting opportunities for contractors but meeting the changing needs of your customers can be challenging. Forming new partnerships can give you access to new resources and help you embrace change.

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Author: David Santillo

David Santillo

Senior Vice President, Contractor Support