A Pipeline of EV Charging Customers

Qmerit is the top choice of many of the world’s leading automotive and home electrification companies.

Our partners recommend Qmerit to their customers—primarily electric vehicle (EV) buyers who want a home charging station installed.

That’s where you come in. As a Certified Solutions Partner (CSP), pre-approved customer jobs will flow from automakers and other OEMs to Qmerit—to you.


Preparing for Installation

Qmerit’s digital platform allows referred customers to answer questions and take pictures of their residence and electrical system. This gives you valuable information about the scope and details of the job, often eliminating the need for an on-site visit before providing a proposal.

Recurring Revenue Streams

With each job, you’re building a base of customers who know they can depend on you for expert electrical services. They’ll call you for EV charging station maintenance and other projects. Many will continue on the electrification journey, adopting additional technologies to reduce their carbon footprint and become more self-reliant—like energy storage systems and nanogrids.

Explore Exclusive Benefits for Our CSP Team

Pre-Sold JobsCurrent Page Pre-Sold Jobs Pipeline of customers seeking your services—at no sales cost to you
Workforce Development Workforce Development Recruiting and training technicians, plus annual continuing education and recognition programs
Business Coaching Business Coaching Expert advice to grow your top and bottom lines
Technology Leadership Technology Leadership Updates on the latest technologies and how to profit from them
Purchasing Program Purchasing Program Save big on the parts and equipment you’re already buying

Join our CSP network—and become an electrical service contractor for the 21st century.

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