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As North America’s most experienced EV charging installers, we understand this is no DIY project—and no place to cut corners. Subpar electrical work can have unfortunate consequences, not only for keeping your EV running but also for your property value and even your family’s safety.

Qmerit is the trusted home charging installation partner to premier automakers worldwide—and thousands of EV drivers like you. We set the industry standard for safety, service quality and customer support, plus every installation is backed by the exclusive Qmerit Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Qmerit Makes Home EV Charging Easy!

How It Works

Qmerit is the North American leader in home EV charging installations. From upfront estimates to ongoing support—and every step in between—our turnkey installation services ensure the highest quality and a seamless customer experience.

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Expert Installation

Installation is completed by a local Qmerit-certified installer—an EV charging expert who is licensed, insured and background-checked.

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Happy Charging!

Our dedicated customer support team is here for guidance throughout your installation process—and beyond.

What’s included with my installation?

  • Installation of a Level 2 hardwire charging station (which you provide) or a NEMA 14-50 outlet to be used with a Level 2 charging cord (may be included with your vehicle) – plus labor and materials
  • Main panel load calculation to assess available capacity*
  • Permit and inspection (as required by local jurisdiction – fees apply)**
  • Provide and install code-compliant electrical wiring and protective tubing
  • Provide and install a new, properly sized breaker in panel
  • Power up your charging unit and test for proper operation
  • 1-Year warranty on parts and labor

*Qmerit can upgrade your panel to provide sufficient capacity for EV charging and future-proof your home to accommodate additional electrification technologies down the road.

**Customer remains responsible for (a) payment of all applicable fees related to required permits, and (b) confirming the installer has applied for and been issued all necessary permits.

What’s not included?

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Rebates & Incentives

Cut Your Home Charging Costs

It pays to go electric. Governments and utilities across the country are encouraging the adoption of EVs and other electrification technologies to promote sustainability and improve grid management.

You could be eligible to receive charging incentives totaling up to*:

You could be eligible to receive charging incentives totaling up to*:

* You'll receive full details with your upfront pricing estimate.

Why Trust Qmerit?

Qmerit is leading the charge in electrification. That’s the shift away from fossil fuels to more sustainable, energy-resilient, electric-powered technologies—and we’re making it easy with our expert installation services.

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We put safety first.

Qmerit-certified installers are licensed, insured and rigorously screened. We follow industry best practices, manufacturer guidelines and local building regulations—and we handle all required permitting and inspections.

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We save you time.

Only select electricians earn the exclusive Qmerit certification, so you can be confident in the caliber of their work. We spare you the time and hassle of researching contractors, poring over reviews and comparing quotes.

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We’re trusted by top brands.

Qmerit is the trusted home installation partner to countless automakers and charger brands. They know we simplify the installation process with our seamless solutions—and share their high standards for safety and service quality.


We guarantee our work.

Qmerit’s certified electrician network has completed more than 269,000 EV charging installations. In addition to our exclusive Peace of Mind Guarantee, every job is backed by a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

nicole a
Nicole A

October 20, 2023

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star star star star star

I had an exceptional experience with Qmerit when I had an EV charger installed in my home. The service was top-notch from start to finish. The installation team was professional and efficient, ensuring that the charger was set up perfectly. Qmerit’s customer support was also outstanding; they guided me through the entire process and addressed all my questions and concerns. I’m impressed with their dedication to providing a seamless, transparent, and high-quality service for EV owners. I highly recommend Qmerit for anyone looking to install an EV charger in their home.

jeff hammonds
Jeff Hammonds

October 17, 2023

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star star star star star

Qmerit did an excellent job installing my home EV charger. The tech was extremely professional and efficient.

erika varble
Erika Varble

October 12, 2023

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star star star star star

QMerit installation of my home charger was quick and easy. Thanks!


September 30, 2023

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star star star star star

The electricians were completely professional, on time, and did a very neat and clean job.

frank dilorenzo
Frank DiLorenzo

September 24, 2023

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star star star star star

The installation team (Justin and Chris) not only did their jobs very professionally, but they had to coordinate with the city inspector and the electrical utility crew.

danny castell
Danny Castell

September 23, 2023

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star star star star star

Very professional and alway kept me informed abot the install process.

kevin loeffler
Kevin Loeffler

September 16, 2023

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star star star star star

I appreciated the level of detail their intake form requires as it made me feel confident they had the right information about the job. The service was affordable and the contractor did a clean and fast job.

alice kuo
Alice Kuo

September 11, 2023

g logo

star star star star star

Qmerit provided a very professional, knowledgeable and also high quality service to give the best estimation and installation for the EV car charging station inside my garage. It’s a 5 star service that I highly recommend. Thanks!

marc esposito
Marc Esposito

September 1, 2023

g logo

star star star star star

It was indeed a pleasure to find a business as customer oriented as QMerit. Everything was a breeze, timely and professionally done.

igor lubashev
Igor Lubashev

November 3, 2023

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star star star star star

I just had my EV Charger installed through Qmerit. They did a great job keeping the project moving with the electrician and were extremely easy to deal with. They took care of all the paperwork. And they always pickup the phone! All in all, a very positive experience, from the beginning to the end.

Charging Installation Partner to EV Experts

Choosing the right installation provider can mean the difference between charging your EV worry-free—and living with a potential safety hazard. Hear why Qmerit is the charging installation partner of choice for Tom Moloughney, host of the YouTube channel State of Charge.

Let Qmerit simplify your home charging experience. Getting started is easy!

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