August 29, 2023

The Importance of Proper Training for Electrical Contractors in the EV Charging Sector


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The demand for reliable and efficient EV charging infrastructure follows as the electric vehicle (EV) market expands rapidly. Electrical contractors are pivotal in meeting this demand by installing and maintaining charging stations for residential and commercial properties. But these newer technologies require expanded electrical education and the supporting credentials to ensure you provide your customers with safe and high-quality installations.

This article will take you through the new service demands for electrical contractors, provide an overview of proper training resources, and provide a practical option to get your crews the credentials they need to help you quickly develop a new business opportunity in EV charging.

The Role of Electrical Contractors in the EV Charging Industry

Electricians are moving into a new era of demand and expertise, so let’s review their roles in the development of EV technology.

Installation of Residential and Commercial Charging Stations

Residential EV charging requires licensed electrical contractors who are up to speed on all the electrical codes that have been developed for this type of work.

Commercial EV charging installation is commercial work and is best for contractors highly experienced in commercial installations at various voltage levels with supervised 4-5 year apprenticeships.

Maintaining and Servicing EV Charging Infrastructure

EV charging stations are complex. Depending on whether they are residential or commercial, they can involve low and high-voltage AC and DC power, wiring, fiber optic cabling, and connections for communications networks. Because of this, EV-savvy electricians are best for this work. Examples of regular maintenance tasks include ensuring proper supply voltage, checking and tightening electrical connections, ensuring proper storage of cables, checking equipment for any visible damage, and cleaning equipment.

Federal Support in the BIL and IRA

The federal government supports a prominent role for apprenticeships in federally funded projects under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). It is backing this with $72 million in funding for training in green technologies. The federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) pays another $200 million.

Benefits of Proper Training for Electrical Contractors

Proper training opens doors to new business lines, provides new revenues for you, and benefits your electricians.

Staying Current on Electrification Technologies

The EV space is rapidly evolving. As technology evolves, electricians who stay current will be in demand. You can use this in your marketing pitches to differentiate yourself.

As customers are becoming more educated on the entire electrification movement, they are demanding that the contractor and their technicians are properly certified. EVITP is a great example of one of the required certifications as it not only goes into depth on EV installs but also requires the installer to remain current with continuing education to maintain their certification.

Savvy customers require proper training like EVITP in bid requests. Note that this is not a one-and-done process. You need quality continuing education to stay current.

Your electricians will see this as a significant career benefit, and you can attract better candidates in a tight hiring market. Green technology appeals to the younger generation of electricians, and extensive training in technology re-images electricians from highly skilled tradespeople to a role closer to technologists.

Expanding Business Opportunities and Revenue Streams

Quality electrification training is the gateway to opportunities in installation and maintenance in the EV field and more. They include the baseline EV residential and commercial installation, battery storage and solar integration, and utility grid expansion work.

Installation work is a natural lead-in for ongoing maintenance that generates an annuity of fees and a leg up on future business. You will gain a difficult-to-replace familiarity with your customers’ installations.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Building a Strong Reputation

Establish profitable, long-term relationships by delivering excellent performance and harnessing cutting-edge electrification. Enhance the value of your services by educating and advising customers on leveraging new technology. Position yourself as a trusted partner in electrification, collaborating closely with electrical engineers and facilities directors in your customers’ planning efforts.

This strategic approach allows you to add significant value and build strong, enduring connections.

Future Needs for Maintenance Training

Electrical contractors must stay ahead of the curve and continue developing in-demand skills, including EV charging station installation and maintenance, solar and wind power system installation and maintenance, high-voltage electrical work, smart grid technology, and cybersecurity.

Additionally, electrical contractors must be familiar with the latest safety regulations and standards. They will also need to be able to work independently and as part of a team. The demand for electrical contractors with these skills will grow in the coming years. Electrical contractors who are willing to upskill and stay ahead of the curve will be well-positioned for success.

There are a variety of training programs available to electrical contractors, including programs offered by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Qmerit’s Certified Solutions Provider Network and Training Programs

With unparalleled expertise in the EV charging installation market and other electrification trends and over 269,000 EV charging stations installed by our network of certified electricians, Qmerit is a national leader on the cutting edge of electrification trends and training. We have a track record of success recognized by automakers, EV charging station manufacturers, businesses, homeowners, and even The White House.

Through our CSP network, you gain access to commercial and residential training, such as EVITP and Tritium training opportunities, a pipeline of pre-qualified customers actively seeking EV installation services, short and long-term qualified staffing help, and sales and soft skills training. With business coaching, partnerships for deals on parts and supplies, and the Qmerit Resource Center, which houses a wealth of knowledge and information, Qmerit can help you build your business for the future.

EVITP Training equips electricians with comprehensive knowledge and skills to ensure safety and compliance in the electric vehicle industry. It prepares professionals for successful EV installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting careers by covering customer relations, charging specifications, grid stress precautions, and NEC standards.

This robust support from Qmerit ensures your electrical contracting risk is mitigated and your expertise grows.

Proper EV Charging Infrastructure Training

The demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, electrical contractors, and electrical education and credentials will increase to ensure safe installations. Proper training benefits include staying updated on electrification technologies, expanding business opportunities, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Training also helps understand EV charging, solar power, and cybersecurity better.

Qmerit’s Certified Installer Network grants you access to comprehensive training programs and expansive business opportunities as you grow your EV charging business quickly and smartly. Contact Qmerit today for more information.

Author: David Santillo

David Santillo

Senior Vice President, Contractor Support