August 17, 2023

How Electrical Contractors Can Stay Ahead of the EV Charging Market


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Due to rising demand, electrical contractors have enormous growth opportunities in the electric vehicle (EV) charging market.

EV ownership has surged, driving the need for EV chargers and qualified electricians to install them. Contractors are looking to quickly expand their knowledge of EV technology and infrastructure to handle installations on a large scale while partnering with experienced companies in the field saves time and investment.

This article explores options for contractors to gain expertise in electrification, expand their business, and leverage expert partners.

Gaining Expertise in Electrification Technologies and EV Charging Installations

In electrical contracting, apprenticeships are vital in developing expertise and meeting licensing requirements. However, with the rapid emergence of EV technology, specialized education has become more crucial than ever, and partnering with experienced experts can expedite entry into the market, enabling professionals to stay ahead of the curve.

Apprenticeships and Continuing Education

With a long-standing reliance on apprenticeships, electrical contractors and electricians rely on them to develop a nationally consistent body of expertise. Apprentices are required by most states to successfully complete a set amount of classroom hours as well as a set amount of hours out in the field.

The federal government recognized the need for training EV-savvy electricians by requiring electrical apprenticeships on federally funded EV charger projects. This gives electrical contractors a leg up on large-scale charger work.

The issue is that, as mentioned, EV technology is rapidly advancing. That creates a critical need for continuing specialized education for electrical contractors to get and stay smart in the field.

One potential solution is training through the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) Offered by a cooperative of automakers, EV equipment manufacturers, and utilities, the EVITP provides comprehensive training on EV technology and installation.

The Benefits of Working with New Technologies and Expanding Service Offerings

Working with new technologies keeps your company competitive and your workforce engaged. Learning a new, in-demand skill such as EV technology increases an electrician’s career value and the value of your company’s offerings.

With the demand for qualified electricians outstripping supply, it is vital to attract solid talent, and as an aging electrician workforce moves toward retirement, you must attract younger candidates. Mastery of advanced technology through certification and high average electrician salaries after apprenticeship (along with paid internships) can help attract and retain qualified candidates.

Gaining Knowledge and Resources by Partnering with Established Experts

The key to entering the EV market lies in forming strategic partnerships with companies that have substantially invested in mastering EV and other electrification technologies. By leveraging these established companies’ expertise and knowledge, you can effectively accelerate your entry into the market.

This strategy presents an opportunity to fast-track your business’s engagement with EV technology and gain a competitive edge in the evolving market landscape.

Business Growth and Differentiation in the EV Charging Market

Establishing your presence in the EV charging market requires careful planning, proven performance, and strategic partnerships. Seek referrals from automakers, charger manufacturers, and fleet management companies to build credibility.

Save time and resources by partnering with established OEMs, EV charger manufacturers, utilities, and other companies strategically aligned in the EV space and by securing maintenance contracts for steady cash flow. Leverage successful projects to fuel further growth in solar integration, battery energy storage, heat pumps, and more.

To stand out in a competitive market, a robust marketing plan and expert partnerships are essential for educating customers and differentiating your company.

Getting Established in the Market

While acquiring the right skill sets and staffing to enter the market, you need to develop a plan to build your business. Excellent performance is a given, but it’s important to build a customer base and evaluate areas of opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

That is difficult without an established track record. With each successful project, seek referrals from the dealer who sold the EV to the customers, fleet operators and charger manufacturers for whom you delivered an excellent installation, and residential customers you delighted with exceptional services and friendly service.

Once again, as an alternative, partnering with an established company who already has all the contacts, relationships, and project successes in place can save you time and resources to get recognition in the market.

Generating Future Revenue Streams

Project revenues can be significant, but getting annual electrification maintenance contracts in place after a successful job can guarantee years of cash flow for your business. As you build a portfolio of successful projects and secure maintenance contracts, your total revenue will grow accordingly and work as an investment to fuel further growth in your electrification knowledge and continued education.

Beyond EV Installation

Solar integration, battery energy storage, heat pumps, and other de-carbonization of appliances, smart panels, and nanogrids will provide steady work for savvy electrical contractors who position themselves to take it on. Solar, for example, has grown by 24% annually in the last decade.

To maximize these opportunities, you need an effective marketing plan to position yourself as a local market leader. Project excellence is essential, but there will be competition in the market, and you need to differentiate your company from all the rest.

You will need marketing and business development support, and the best way is to partner with an established expert in the field. They know how to present the advantages of electrification to customers clearly, and concisely, and most importantly, they know how to educate the customer beyond just sales pitches.

Leveraging the Qmerit Certified Solutions Partner Network for Workforce and Operational Efficiency

In today’s fast-paced electrification market, it’s crucial to collaborate with a trusted and established partner who can expedite your entry and ensure your success. Qmerit’s Certified Solutions Partner (CSP) program provides access to support for achieving your goals.

The CSP offers a comprehensive range of benefits, such as:

  • Vital access to the EVITP electrification training through our exclusive online Qmerit Resource Center.
  • A network of prestigious clients and pre-approved customers seeking installation services.
  • Staffing assistance and hiring guidance to help recruit talent and build a strong workforce.
  • Sales, soft skills, and emerging tech training so your team stays ahead of the curve.
  • Business coaching to help you develop and grow your electrification business.
  • Exclusive discounts on high-quality parts and materials from world-class suppliers ensuring cost-effective operations.
  • Regular updates on emerging technologies and new products to help you stay ahead of the curve.

The Qmerit Certified Solutions Partner Network can help your business thrive in the electrification market. We offer a variety of resources and support to drive workforce and operational efficiency, so you can focus on growing your business.

Empower Your Business in Electrification with Qmerit

By joining Qmerit’s CSP Network, electrical contractors can access expert training on EV charging, get business leads, get business management advice, and much more. This will enable electrical contractors to get and stay ahead of the EV charging market, gain new skills, and grow their business in the rapidly evolving electrification space. Contact Qmerit today for more information.

Author: David Santillo

David Santillo

Senior Vice President, Contractor Support