Qmerit White Paper Examines Keys to Broad EV & Electrification Adoption by 2030; New Data on Public Charger Failure

- 09/27/2023

A new white paper produced by the Electrification Institute, recently established by Qmerit, North America’s leading installer of home and business EV chargers and other clean energy technologies, assesses issues it sees as pivotal to broad electric vehicle (EV) adoption and greater progress toward home and building electrification by 2030.

Electrification2030 addresses various challenges, including affordability in electrification, addressing shortages of qualified electricians, ensuring the reliability of public charging infrastructure, exploring nano and micro-grids’ roles in the electrification infrastructure, and emphasizing the critical importance of Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) for a more resilient grid.

With authored pieces from industry-leading companies and experts, Electrification2030 provides a comprehensive look at the steps toward meeting sustainability goals by 2030.

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