Qmerit Repairs Homeowner’s Home EV Charging Nightmare

- 02/18/2024

Last week, Qmerit teamed up with Tom Moloughney to repair the EV charger installed in the home of one of State of Charge’s subscribers.

Although the homeowner hired a licensed electrician to perform the EV charger installation, the charging equipment had melted, and both the main electrical panel and sub-panel were damaged.

When it comes to working with these specific types of electrification technologies, even hiring a licensed electrician isn’t enough if they don’t have the skills, training, and experience to ensure everything is installed safely and correctly, and the right materials are used.

Even with the EV charger being installed by a licensed electrician and fully permitted, inspected, and to code, this homeowner found themselves dealing with damages—but thankfully Qmerit was able to help!

Check out this article to learn how Qmerit’s electricians diagnosed the problem, removed all issues, rewired the system, and had the owner charging up again by the end of the day.

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