Qmerit, Lucid Motors Expand Their Partnership into Canada

IRVINE, CA - 06/27/2023

Qmerit, North America’s leading provider of installation services for EV charging and other electrification technologies, today announced it is extending its Lucid Motors partnership, currently live in the United States, into Canada.

The expansion provides Lucid’s Canadian consumers easy access to Qmerit’s installation services for the automaker’s charging products. From the Lucid Mobile Charging Cable, standard with all Lucid Airs, to the aftermarket Lucid Connected Home Charging Station, customers have the optionality and flexibility to install the right home solution with the help of Qmerit’s installation expertise.

Lucid owners can now complete a questionnaire on Qmerit’s website to quickly receive an estimate on installation services for a suitable outlet or the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station, based on the customer’s home layout and electrical panel specifications. Upon accepting the estimate, the customer is connected with a certified Qmerit installation professional who has been vetted by Qmerit for quality, safety and customer service. qmerit, lucid motors expand their partnership into canada with charging programs for lucid customers

“This expansion is one more way to give Canada a more streamlined experience in making the switch to EV ownership,” said Ken Sapp, Qmerit’s Senior Vice President for Business Development. “It represents the innovations underway with technology and workforce to reduce the friction that can come in adopting a new form of transportation.”

According to Fausto Bonomo, Head of Sales, Canada at Lucid Motors, “the expanded partnership helps to ensure Canadian consumers receive the highest levels of technical support in handling an installation process that many are unfamiliar with due to the unique nature of home charging installation.”

“Amongst the various ways to charge your vehicle, the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station is a next-generation product, providing versatility on the installation at multiple power levels up to 19.2kW and only gets more intelligent over time. Our relationship with Qmerit then provides the very best installation services to our customers in a streamlined manner,” said Bonomo.

The Lucid Connected Home Charging Station delivers up to 130 kilometers of range per hour (80 Amps, 240 Volts), is WiFi-enabled for over-the-air updates and comes with a sleek, 7-meter cable.

Qmerit’s network has installed more than 269,000 Level 2 home and commercial charging systems across North America in addition to hundreds of thousands of other electrification technologies. With its Canadian headquarters in Toronto, Qmerit has a network of certified installers across the provinces in addition to a customer support team that accommodates both French and English-speaking consumers.

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About Qmerit

Qmerit is North America’s leading provider of implementation solutions for EV charging and other energy transition technologies, simplifying electrification adoption for residential and business markets. Qmerit’s value-driven services are delivered through a network of company-owned contractors, independent Certified Solutions Partners, and Certified Installers skilled in system implementation and integration. Qmerit partners with top automakers from the U.S., Europe and Asia. Qmerit boasts high customer experience (NPS) scores well above the industry average. For more information, visit https://qmerit.com/, and connect on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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