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Manoj Puthenveetil

Chief Technology Officer
Manoj Puthenveetil is an accomplished senior executive with a strong blend of technical expertise and visionary leadership.
Manoj Puthenveetil, Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Manoj oversees both the product and engineering organizations at Qmerit. He brings more than 20 years of leadership experience at Fortune 500 companies after beginning his career as a software engineer. Along the way, his focus evolved from developing software to implementing enterprise solutions, and he excelled as an Enterprise Software Consultant. In that role, Manoj successfully delivered numerous software projects for major clients including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, American Airlines, Boeing, Schlumberger, ExxonMobil and AT&T, earning numerous awards and recognitions.

In 2005, Manoj transitioned to Product Management, making a significant impact on the vision and profitability of product lines at FileNet and IBM. His notable contributions at IBM include leading a pivotal Banking and Payments initiative, resulting in the launch of a new Financial Transaction Management platform in under a year. Top financial institutions such as Scotia Bank, Lloyds Bank and Royal Bank of Canada later adopted this platform, cementing its place in IBM’s Smarter Commerce business strategy.

Manoj holds an Engineering degree from the National Institute of Technology, India, and an MBA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. A proponent of customer-centric design, agile methodologies and blue ocean strategy, he actively participates in various Product Management and CTO forums.