Why do you recommend hardwiring over plug-in wall chargers?

Hardwiring a wall charger can prevent nuisance tripping. Most UL-rated Level 2 chargers come equipped with internal ground-fault protection so the breaker in the main panel will shut off (or “trip”) if there is a surge in the system. At the same time, most local electrical inspectors require the use of a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupting (GFCI) breaker when adding a 240-volt circuit for a NEMA 14-50 outlet to accommodate Level 2 plug-in charging. Having two GFCIs on the same circuit can cause nuisance tripping. (Whether you need a GFCI breaker depends on your local city or county permit policy, although Qmerit recommends one for all installations.) Qmerit recommends hardwiring all wall chargers to prevent nuisance tripping; however, our installers can install a plug-in outlet to use with a Level 2 charging cord that may come included with your vehicle, as these do not have the same GFCI requirements.