August 30, 2022

Why You Need a Licensed Electrician for Home Electrification Projects


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If you have achieved some success in DIY experiences, you may feel the urge to attempt DIY home electrification projects such as electric vehicle (EV) charging systems, appliance conversions, solar panels, or even nanogrids. Even with some prior electrical experience, attempting to install these complex systems is not advisable without the appropriate training.

There are many great reasons to hire licensed electricians who are experienced in electrification or EV Charger Installation.

Here are a few of the more significant reasons to consider hiring an expert for your at-home electrification needs:

  • Most states require a certified, licensed electrician for any home electrical upgrades.
  • Hiring a professional ensures that your electrification project is done correctly, works properly, and protects your warranties.
  • Licensed electricians provide technical expertise developed through years of training and expertise. A simple example is working with 240-volt circuits. Other potential projects can become immensely more complicated and hazardous to an unskilled or untrained individual.
  • A certified technician will carry the appropriate insurance and provides safety from injury and fire.
  • Licensed electricians will know local building codes and permitting, and an electrician with experience in home electrification projects will be more knowledgeable on these topics as they pertain to your home needs.
  • A certified technician will often offer ongoing maintenance services, including maintenance agreements, which will ensure the longevity, efficiency, and warranties for your electrification systems for years to come, saving you money in the long run.

This article will expand on the points above and provide you with more information regarding reliable EV charger installers near you for your next home electrification project!

About EV charger installers near you

One key difference for licensed EV charger installers is that they have the experience, both in theory and in application, to handle any of your electrification projects.

Notably, many states require an electrician’s license to do electrical work. Even in the few states that do not require it, most municipalities do still require the appropriate licensing. For a look at your state requirements, check this link. Note that in addition to passing the required examinations, many states require 8,000 or more hours of supervised on-the-job training.


Electrification includes things such as solar panels, conversion of appliances from gas to electric, battery storage, generators, and smart panels, among other technologies. These can require significant upgrades for compatibility with your existing systems and technology.

For example, electric ranges and Level 2 EV charging stations require an upgrade to 240-volt service. As a result, service projects of this nature are generally considered major upgrades under many state and municipal codes. As such, these projects require a specific permit before the work is eligible to begin.

Permits are generally issued by local authorities and are based on the National Electric Code standards. In addition, they are followed by inspections to ensure that the work completed is in compliance with mandatory codes.

Doing work right the first time

The choice of selecting an installer is a crucial one for homeowners as hiring an untrained, unlicensed, and/or inexperienced installer significantly increases the risk that there will be mistakes, which will cost you money and time.

Installing updated technologies, like EV charging stations, follows an orderly process to ensure success. A trained technician will be familiar with that process.

In addition, manufacturers require that equipment installation follows National Electric Code standards and local permitting requirements. Failing to do so can result in voided warranties for your charger, your entire electrification system, and even any warranties on your EV.

If your system is not installed with adherence to the required code, you may find yourself facing a nightmarish scenario, but this situation can be easily avoided by hiring the right electrician.

Specialized technical expertise

Years of specific and supervised training provide EV charger installers with expertise when it comes to your electrification systems. Some examples are upgrades to 240-volt circuits, electric battery storage, and installing smart electrical panels. Making a mistake with the installation of these systems comes with a high price point. Countless hours of training and experience have allowed these experts to specialize in these systems and avoid mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars.

Safety, fire prevention, and insurance

Arcing circuits can quickly lead to a fire and bad wiring can damage or even destroy your electrical appliances, rendering them very expensive paperweights and leading to out-of-pocket replacement costs.

EV charger installers are trained to work safely to eliminate these risks so why take the chance?

Your insurer may also ask that question if you suffer a loss due to improper work done by someone other than a properly licensed installer. The result may be that you find yourself with no insurance coverage.

On the other hand, states generally require electricians to carry minimum insurance coverages for licensing. In the event of a loss caused by the electrical contractor, their policy will respond and pay claims, not yours.

Make sure you get proof of coverage in the form of a Certificate of Insurance. It is also a good idea to have your insurance agent review the contractor’s policies and liability limits to ensure they are suitable for you and the needs of your home projects.

As a further form of insurance, you can request that the electrical contractor list you as an additional insured party. This specifies that the contractor’s insurance takes precedence over yours.

Finally, have your legal counsel review and approve any risk of loss limitations the contractor may try to insert to limit their exposure.

Permitting and code compliance

You may consider filing the permit for your work independently, but this is also not advisable. Many locales will not allow independent filing, but more importantly, you are then personally responsible for incorrect filing, compliance, and any other errors. Your contractor has years of experience in filing for permits and will be responsible for all aspects of the permitting, compliance, and ensuring the work is completed according to code.

In short, if you file on your own, you are personally responsible for errors. If the contractor does it, they are responsible for all aspects of the permit and meeting code, in addition to them being generally more experienced in filing.

Ongoing maintenance

Once the work has been completed, your EV charging station and other electrification technologies will require periodic maintenance and professional servicing. Your licensed electrical contractor, having installed the system, will know how to maintain it, has the requisite training to do so, and can ensure that your warranties remain intact through proper systems care and upkeep.

Many electrical contractors offer maintenance contracts or maintenance agreements, so it’s advisable to include this during contract negotiations.

In summary, it is crucial to select the right installer for your EV charging station and other electrification technology. After all, 80% of charging takes place at home, generally overnight.

Thus, having work completed by reliable, experienced, and properly licensed EV installers is the best way to ensure you can get in your car every morning and drive away carefree.

But how can you find a source of properly trained, licensed installers near you with electrification expertise?

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Author: Greg Sowder

Greg Sowder

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