April 9, 2024

Reviewing The Highest Powered EV Chargers In America


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Reviewing the new 500 kW DC Fast Chargers from Gravity Charging with Tom Moloughney, host of YouTube’s “State of Charge. Is this the future of ultrafast DC Charging in North America?

The Gravity Charging Center features 24 500 kW DC fast chargers which are currently the highest-powered DC fast chargers deployed for public use in the US.

  • Gravity chargers can add 2,400 miles of range per hour, or roughly 200 miles in 5 minutes.
  • 24 DC Fast Chargers are located in an indoor parking facility that’s available 24 hours per day and is staffed with attendants.
  • Charging at the location uses the CCS standard, so all EVs are compatible though you may need a CCS charging adapter for Tesla.
  • Mounted on the ceiling, the chargers did not require modification to the existing parking spaces.

Is this the Future of Ultrafast DC Charging in North America?

The Gravity indoor charging station is part of a trend of indoor EV parking garages that offer ultra-fast charging as well as amenities, such as attendants.

Last month, Electify America announced it had opened its first indoor station in San Francisco near the Bay Bridge with 20 hyper-fast chargers in a freestanding, temperature-controlled building with food and drink vending machines, free high-speed Wi-Fi, bathrooms, 24-hour access and security.

Tesla is currently building a new 30-station charging area in Hollywood that will include a 24-hour restaurant and two movie screens.

With 500 kilowatts of power, Gravity EV chargers are the fastest currently available in the U.S. They can add 2,400 miles of range per hour, or roughly 200 miles in 5 minutes.

The fastest EV charger in Tesla’s network is rated at 350 kilowatts and can add 1,400 miles of range per hour, or about 115 miles in 5 minutes.

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