February 26, 2024

When A Tesla EV Charger Fails It’s Qmerit To The Rescue

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Electric vehicle charging is extremely safe when done correctly. Unfortunately we’re seeing more and more people experience problems with their home charging equipment after improper installation and materials.

Using lower quality hardware and components and the wrong type of wire are common ways that some electricians try to save a quick buck. But as you’ll see from the story in the video, saving a few dollars on your home EV charger installation cost is not worth the risk of jeopardizing your family’s safety with an electrical nightmare.

Watch how Qmerit partnered with Tom Moloughney—host of YouTube’s “State of Charge”—to quickly diagnose the problem and fix the faulty EV charger installation to get this grateful EV driver back on the road with safe, reliable home charging.

Don’t put your home and family at risk! When it comes to EV charging, there’s no one more trusted or reliable than Qmerit.

A real-life example of every homeowner’s worst EV charging nightmare

A homeowner in San Antonio, TX reached out to the Facebook community for help with his Tesla Gen 3 EV charger after he began smelling “chemicals” near the charging station that had been recently installed in his garage. It turns out the electrician that he initially hired used the wrong type of wire to connect everything into the electrical panel, and the disconnect that was installed was not high quality. There was also an issue with a breaker that was installed in the main service panel.

With the help of Charge Pro, a San Antonio-based Qmerit electrical contractor, we ripped out the problems, rewired the system, and had the owner charging his car before the end of the day.

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