April 23, 2024

Leveraging Florida EV Incentives for Maximum Savings


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As a Florida resident, you can take advantage of a number of Florida EV incentives to make Electric Vehicle ownership more affordable.

The popularity of zero-emission vehicles is rapidly increasing thanks to the state’s favorable stance toward electrification, and there are several options for saving on your EV purchase or charging project, including incentives, rebates, and other programs.

This article explores the plethora of Florida EV incentives available and how you can take advantage of them for maximum savings.

Florida Electric Vehicle Incentives to Know About

In 2022, the state of Florida received $113.7 million in funding through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program. The state submitted a funding proposal for over 400 individual projects that aim to build a modern transportation infrastructure, increase access to public transit, and deploy a modern EV charging network.

The funding, administered by the Florida Department of Transportation, currently supports several Florida EV incentives available to commercial applicants. Your project will receive priority if it benefits heavily populated areas, supports the transition to electric freight, and accommodates the charging needs of the 137 million tourists that visit Florida each year.

While there aren’t any state-level incentives designed to support EV adoption for residential customers, you can still benefit from a few statutes that make EV ownership more appealing.

Public Utility Status

Under Florida law, EV charging isn’t classified as a utility. This regulatory approach frees EV charging providers from the obligation to serve associated with traditional utilities.

In other words, utility providers and charging networks have more freedom when it comes to rolling out charging options. For instance, EV charging providers can prioritize areas with high demand or adopt a model where access to charging is restricted.

Alternative Fuels

Besides investing in research that will support the development of cleaner fuel sources, the state of Florida is prioritizing permits for the construction of biofuel processing facilities and similar projects.

These incentives support the development of an alternative fuel infrastructure. You could soon see lower costs if you invest in a hybrid vehicle.

Save Time on Your Commute With High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Access

This is a non-monetary incentive that can save time and offer convenience. EVs with the Clean Air Vehicle decal are exempted from HOV lane restrictions, providing a more efficient commute. This perk allows you to avoid busy traffic and can help lower your charging costs by reducing your driving time.

Florida City & Municipality EV Incentives to Know About

Under Florida Statute 163.08, local governments can offer their own programs and Florida EV incentives to foster EV adoption. The programs available to you will depend on where you live.

For instance, as a resident of Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, you can access more than 200 free EV charging stations.

Boca Raton is taking a similar approach with free EV charging at some EV parks and other locations. The number of charging locations you have access to will continue to increase thanks to a city ordinance that requires new structures with at least 20 parking spots to have at least 5% of parking spots equipped with EV charging and 20% of spots to be EV-capable.

Check your city’s official website or use Consumer Reports’ convenient online tool to locate local incentives for your zip code.

Florida EV Incentives From Utilities

Utility providers are leading the way in supporting EV adoption through rebates and other incentives.

You can take advantage of a variety of programs offered by your utility provider, including:

  • Discounted Electricity Rates for EV Charging: Your utility provider may offer off-peak rates for EV charging, significantly reducing the cost of charging at home.
  • Rebates for Home Charging Equipment: To encourage home charging station installation, utilities offer rebates and financial assistance, helping you save money on the upfront cost of installing a charging station.

Jacksonville Electric Authority EV Charging Incentive

The Jacksonville Electric Authority offers a monthly discount for charging during off-peak hours. You can also get up to $300 to cover pre-wiring costs if an upgrade is needed before installing an EV charging station.

Kissimmee Utility Authority EV & EV Charger Rebate

This utility provider is offering a rebate of $100 when you purchase an EV. You can qualify for another $100 if you install an at-home EV charger.

Orlando Utilities Commissions EV Incentives & Rebates

Instead of shouldering the upfront cost of installing an EV charging station, Orlando Utilities Commissions allows you to pay a monthly fee to cover the installation and maintenance of your charging equipment.

You can also qualify for a $200 rebate for the purchase of an EV, or receive a $50 gift card simply for test-driving an EV.

Duke Energy EV Charging Incentive

Duke Energy customers can help you save money with a monthly credit on your utility bill if you charge your EV during off-peak hours.

Florida Power & Light EV Charging Incentive

As a Florida Power & Light customer, you can participate in a program that covers the upfront installation costs for your EV charging station and charges a flat monthly fee instead.

Florida EV Incentives for Commercial Entities

You can qualify for additional incentives as a commercial customer. For instance, Florida Power & Light will upgrade commercial properties with EV chargers for a fixed monthly fee. Duke Energy is also supporting the electrification of commercial properties with rebates, and Brickell Energy offers a program that covers the cost of the charging equipment and maintenance.

Dealership EV Rebates

The Orlando Utilities Commission is offering incentives to encourage Florida dealerships to sell more EVs. This program is contributing to making Florida the second state in EV registrations behind California.

Other Electrification Technology Incentives for Homeowners and Businesses in Florida

You can combine existing Florida EV incentives with other programs designed to foster the adoption of electrification technologies to complement your EV ecosystem.

Solar Incentives in Florida

With its abundant sunshine, Florida is an ideal place for solar energy generation. You can take advantage of incentives available at the state level to generate clean energy and power your home or charge your EV while lowering your energy bills.

You can benefit from a property tax exemption once you install solar panels, and you won’t have to pay sales tax on your solar equipment.

You can find additional solar incentives at the city or utility level. For instance, the city of Boynton Beach offers rebates of up to $1,500 on solar panels, and Florida Light & Power, Duke Energy, and TECO have net metering programs.

Other Electrification Rebates in Florida

Depending on your location and utility provider, you can qualify for various programs that aim to offset energy-efficient home improvements. For instance:

  • Jacksonville Energy Authority offers rebates of up to $250 for heat pump water heaters and up to $400 for solar water heaters.
  • You can save up to $450 on the purchase of a solar water heater thanks to a program from the city of Tallahassee. The city has additional rebates for energy-efficient HVAC systems.
  • Fort Pierce offers a similar program that can save you up to $450 on a solar water heater.
  • The Florida Keys Electric Cooperative offers up to $500 toward the purchase of a central HVAC system. You can also save up to $300 on upgrading your home’s insulation.

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