May 2, 2024

EV Adoption and EV Charging Stations in Texas


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EV ownership is growing quickly in Texas, but range anxiety remains a common barrier to adoption due to the sheer size of the state.

However, the Texas Department of Transportation’s plan to develop a modern EV charging infrastructure combined with attractive rates for charging at home is a strong argument in favor of EV adoption.

Read on to learn more about electrification in Texas, where to find EV charging stations in Texas, and other important facts.

Texas Electric Vehicle and Electrification Statistics

In 2023, the total number of EVs registered in Texas exceeded 200,000, representing a significant increase in EV ownership in the Lone Star State. Around 5% of Texans currently own an EV, but 60% of the state’s drivers say they are not likely to consider an EV purchase, citing range anxiety as the most common reason.

While EV ownership remains impractical in rural areas for Texans, electrification is successfully reshaping urban spaces. For instance, the Dallas-Fort Worth area saw a 63% increase in EV registrations in 2023, and 2% of Austin County residents drive an EV.

Access to EV charging stations in Texas remains limited to urban areas. With a total of approximately 3,400 public charging stations statewide, the current infrastructure needs to grow to support an electric future for the state.

The good news is that Texas has received $440 million in federal funding to develop a modern charging infrastructure, a crucial step in changing public perception and fostering EV adoption.

Electric Vehicle Charging Costs in Texas

As the number of EV charging stations in Texas continues to increase, the state is also focusing on developing its energy infrastructure with projects designed to support natural gas plants. Experts have also issued strong projections for the growth of grid-scale solar projects in Texas.

As a Texas resident, you could see decreased energy rates in the near future, thanks to these two trends.

What Do Public EV Charging Stations in Texas Cost?

Businesses can benefit from significantly reduced commercial electricity rates in Texas, which they can pass on to customers and employees. Public charging networks can also capitalize on these savings, offering customers attractive rates and encouraging EV adoption.

A recent news story from the Texas Tribune reported that charging an electric pickup truck in Houston costs around $33 for a full charge, which reflects what you can expect to pay for public charging in Texas.

How Much Does At-Home EV Charging Cost in Texas?

The cost of charging your EV at home can vary based on your utility provider and the rates or programs they offer.

You should know that residential electricity rates are slightly below the national average in Texas, with an average of $0.1458 per kWh. Given that most EVs have a range that falls between three and four miles per kWh, Texas residential energy rates translate to a cost of around $0.035 to $0.050 per mile for at-home charging.

You can save even more on charging at home by taking advantage of programs offered through your utility provider. For example, TXU Energy offers free EV charging between 7 p.m. and 1 p.m. in the form of an energy credit.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Home EV Charging Station in Texas?

Before exploring EV charging stations in Texas, you should know that a Level 2 at-home charging station requires either a dedicated circuit that runs to your electrical panel for a hardwired installation or a dedicated 240V outlet for a portable station.

Both approaches require electrical work with fees that include materials, labor, permits, and potential modifications or even upgrades to your electrical panel. The total EV charger installation cost at home typically falls between $800 and $2,000. Still, the best way to get an accurate estimate is to contact a certified installer who can assess your unique needs and electrical infrastructure.

Are There Any Free EV Charging Stations in Texas?

You can find some free EV charging stations in Texas, but options are limited to major cities. Remember that you may have to wait in line, and uptime can be an issue at free charging stations. Free charging is one of the many perks of EV ownership in some areas, but you shouldn’t rely on free stations to keep your battery charged.

Houston is among the best places for EV ownership, with over 400 free charging stations. You can also find more than 300 free stations in Austin and 200 free charging locations in Dallas.

Where Can You Find Public EV Charging Stations in Texas?

Some cities offer street parking with EV charging. You can usually find charging options in parking structures, malls, or hotels. This convenient EV charging station locator tool is a great way to find the nearest charging stations.

As mentioned above, most EV charging stations in Texas are located in or near major cities. The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington and Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land areas are the most EV-friendly cities, with over 2,000 charging stations.

Austin-Round Rock is next, with more than 100 charging locations, and you can find more than 800 charging options in San Antonio-New Braunfels. Unfortunately, public charging options remain limited outside of these major urban areas.

You can expect more charging options to appear in the near future, with the Texas DOT currently focusing on developing alternative fuel corridors to connect major cities before building a more robust charging infrastructure in rural areas and small cities. In the meantime, at-home charging will likely remain your best option.

How Much Electricity Is Needed to Charge an Electric Vehicle Every Day in Texas?

The answer depends on your EV’s performance and driving habits. On average, modern EVs need 310 watt-hours per mile, but performance can be as high as 62 watt-hours per mile or as low as 466 watt-hours per mile.

Temperatures above 85°F can also affect your EV’s battery health, resulting in a slightly reduced driving range in the summer months. You should also know that regenerative braking can significantly impact your driving range. You can expect better performance when driving in an urban environment with frequent stops compared to driving on the highway.

How to Maximize EV Charging in Texas

Electrification technologies can enhance your experience as an EV driver and contribute to making charging more accessible and affordable.

Solar powered EV charging is fairly popular due to the state’s excellent solar resource. Prices tend to be lower than average for installing solar panels, and some utilities like Austin Energy offer buyback programs for the energy you don’t use.

Battery storage is worth considering as well. Texas has one of the fastest-growing numbers of grid-scale storage projects of any state, but adoption is also growing at the residential level. A home battery solution allows you to store energy from your solar panels or the grid when TOU rates are low, making you more independent from the grid and giving you more control over EV charging costs.

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EV adoption and charging options are primarily concentrated in major Texas cities, but the state’s plan to develop its EV charging infrastructure is promising.

For prospective and current EV owners in Texas, at-home charging remains the best option for now, with attractive programs from utilities, affordable energy rates, and additional ways to save with solar panels.

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