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Happy family charging EV outside home.

Charging Your
EV at Home

Charging Your
EV at Home

Cobb EMC is here to help you charge your EV at home...

Cobb EMC is here to help you find a reliable installer of a Level 2 charging station, allowing you to charge quickly and conveniently at home.  We have partnered with Qmerit, who maintains a network of vetted, locally- and regionally-based, experienced installers will make sure you have a high-quality installation.

Whether you need an installation only, or want to purchase a charger and have installed, our personalized experience is here to meet you needs. Cobb EMC members also receive a $250 incentive for installing an EV charger, all through our turnkey process.


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How Does It Work?

Qmerit Makes it Easy to Charge@Home

Qmerit EV charger installation services deliver the highest levels of safety and quality at competitive pricing. It starts with a free online estimate. For most home configurations, all you need to do is give us some information about your layout and electrical panel. If you live in an apartment building or condominium, talk with your property owner and management company first to get approval.  Please note that only Cobb EMC members living in single-family homes are eligible for the $250 incentive.

3 Steps to Get Your Estimate

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    Click over to our easy-to-use installation portal.

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    Answer some questions and upload a few photos.

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    View your upfront pricing estimate or custom quote offer.

It takes only 5-10 minutes, and you can decide whether to move forward at your convenience.

Please note: You should complete the form at home to ensure easy access to the information you’ll need. The more details you provide, the more accurate your estimate.

How To Get Started

Need Installation Service?

Installation Service

Qmerit upgrades your electrical system to work with your included portable charging cord.

EV charger not included and must be purchased separately. Through Cobb EMC's program, you can select to have the certified installer include a Level 2 Charging Station in your quote. You will also see Cobb EMC's instant $250 incentive, available for members only.

  • Customer support throughout the process
  • Manage the permitting process for your electrical system improvements*
  • 1-Year warranty on parts and labor

Need Installation Service?

get started
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* Customer remains responsible for ensuring permit is obtained and payment of all applicable fees.

Need More Information?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question listed below, feel free to email us at customerservice@qmerit.com and we’ll be sure to get back to you with and answer as soon as possible.

All Cobb EMC members may participate. However, only residential members living in a single-family home who have not already received an Energy Network EV charging incentive are eligible for the instant $250 incentive.

Home installation is limited to single-family homes and townhomes/duplexes with a dedicated meter. All wiring runs will be externally mounted and visible to the homeowner. If penetration is required for wiring runs, drywall, stucco, plaster, concrete or any other repairs to walls, ceilings or floors are not included and will be the responsibility of the homeowner. If the garage structure is not attached to the residence, all trenching will be extra. Asbestos or lead paint remediation or removal is not covered.

When you purchase a new EV, it may come with a charging cord – Level 1 or Level 2. If you want a Level 2 charging station and it is not included with your EV purchase, you can choose to have the certified installer include one in your quote or you can purchase one yourself.

Cobb EMC will cover $250 of your charger purchase and/or installation costs. This discount will reflect on your preliminary estimate and confirmed quote.

Once your installation is completed, Qmerit will send you an invoice for the cost of installation, permits and any service upgrades that were required. Cobb EMC’s $250 credit will be deducted from your balance due.

If permits are required in your city or county, your Qmerit installer will secure them for your convenience. It protects both you and your installer to ensure your project is done to code and reviewed by a local inspector. Electrical upgrades increase your property value, but you will be required to show proof of permits when selling your home. Other installers may not pull permits, putting you in jeopardy in multiple ways. Without proper permitting and inspections, for example, the work performed may be sub-par, violating electrical codes and creating a fire hazard.

Who is Qmerit

Making Charger Installations Easy for Cobb EMC Members

By partnering with the Qmerit network of installers, Cobb EMC is simplifying the shift to a more sustainable, electric-powered future with expert installation services for EV chargers.

  • Safety

    Qmerit certified installers are licensed, insured and rigorously screened. Installers follow industry best practices, manufacturer guidelines and local building regulations and handle all required permitting and inspections.

  • Saves you time
    and money

    The Qmerit network offers a transparent pricing system to Cobb EMC members and takes advantage of group buying power to control costs and keep pricing down. Getting the free online quote can eliminate hours researching electrical contractors and shopping for quotes.

  • Trusted by
    premier brands

    Qmerit has installed over 150,000 EV chargers in homes in partnership with leading auto and EV charger manufacturers. Cobb EMC is bringing Qmerit to its members to provide an easy process for charger installation that meets high standards for safety and service quality.

  • High Quality
    of Service

    Cobb EMC appreciates that the Qmerit legacy goes back 25 years. If your charger ever needs servicing, the Qmerit installer network will be there to help.

Ready to Begin Your EV Charging Installation?

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