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Enterprise Presents Qmerit
for Fleet Services

Enterprise Presents Qmerit
for Fleet Services

Fleet Manager looking to set up home installations? Read on below.

Enterprise has partnered with Qmerit to bring you a seamless home charging experience. Qmerit’s nationwide network of electrical contractors are certified experts specially selected to complete your home charger installation.

During this process, you will receive a series of emails—both automated and personalized—with updates on your installation. Be sure to follow all instructions provided by Qmerit and your company to ensure the installation process runs smoothly and efficiently!

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How Does It Work?

Qmerit Makes it Easy to Charge@Home

Qmerit will coordinate ordering and installing home charging station for your drivers, with a dedicated Concierge managing every step in the process for you. That includes any required permitting for your electrical system improvements. Once installation is complete, your Qmerit installer will provide you with the peace of mind of a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

We ensure rigorous compliance of our electricians so that you can rest easy knowing your employees are being matched with quality installers.
Compliance management includes: Valid state contractor license, general liability insurance, automobile insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and technician background checks.
Our fleet programs include a dedicated concierge who provides personalized support through each step of the quote and installation process.
Our fleet reporting tools track and monitor driver and installer status 
Centralized billing for installation and permit costs for all fleet drivers to help you manage your budget and expense records all in one place.

Home Installation Program

  • To help us support your drivers' home installations through the Enterprise program we'll need to go over a few key steps that underpin how we ensure the best experience for you company and your employees.
  • Please click on the link below to get in touch with us to complete these steps. Our goal is to get you quickly set up to support home installations, so these last steps to initiate your service are built off best practices from the industry.

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Program Details

For a Smooth Installation Process

Please confirm your home meets the below requirements before scheduling your installation.

Home installation is limited to a single family residence only or a multi-family residence with a dedicated meter and panel.
Assumes existing electrical service has enough ampacity for the new charging load and electrical panel has suitable space capacity for the new breaker.
Drivers are responsible for securing and providing authorization and access to residence for installation.
Drywall, stucco, plaster, concrete or any other repairs to walls, ceilings, or floors if penetration is required for wiring runs are not included.
Wiring runs are externally mounted and visible to the homeowner.
If garage structure is not attached to the residence, all trenching will be extra.
The area around your installation must be cleared to allow your installer easy access to the location site.
No asbestos or lead paint in the home and at risk of disturbance.
Please consider in advance where you’d like the charger mounted. Will you park your vehicle head in or will you be backing your vehicle in?

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Need More Information?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question listed below, feel free to email us at customerservice@qmerit.com and we’ll be sure to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Fleet Drivers who have selected or are driving an EV or PHEV company vehicle and whose home and electrical infrastructure is compatible will be approved on an individual basis to receive a charging station and home installation. Approval will be determined through completion of Qmerit’s digital Home Charging Assessment and a validated installation quote provided by a Qmerit certified installer.

Your company will pay one time for a home charger and electric services, as well as the required employee payroll taxes. If your home assessment quote exceeds your company’s approval limit, further information will be provided so you can decide how you’d like to proceed. Installation cost allowance determined by your company. Please ensure to check with your company to verify the costs covered.

Home installation is limited to single-family homes and townhomes/duplexes with a dedicated meter. All wiring runs are externally mounted and visible to homeowner. Drywall, stucco, plaster, concrete or any other repairs to walls, ceilings, or floors if penetration is required for wiring runs are not included and will be the responsibility of the homeowner. If garage structure is not attached to the residence, all trenching will be extra. No asbestos or lead paint in the home and at risk of disturbance.

Your company will provide an approved hardwired charging station for your company’s program. Refer to program guidelines provided by your company.

The email welcoming you to the home charger installation process provides a link to Qmerit, our home installation partner, where you will be sent a digital home charging assessment to complete. After submitting your assessment, you will be connected to a local certified Qmerit installer who will review your project scope and provide a final estimate and permit cost. You will also be provided a Qmerit Concierge who will assist you throughout the home installation process. Do not proceed with the installation until your Qmerit Concierge notifies you of your company’s approval.

Your Qmerit Concierge will validate your home charging assessment, review the installation quote provided, and will seek approval from your company on your behalf. You will be notified by your Qmerit Concierge if you qualify for the home installation benefit.

Your Qmerit Concierge will notify you of your approval status after reviewing your home charging assessment and installation quote. If you are not approved, contact your company to make other arrangements for charging your vehicle or you may select a different vehicle.

If you’ve received a message on the Qmerit portal that no installer is found, fill out the form entirely with your contact information and a Qmerit Concierge will contact you. Qmerit is adding installers to their network every day and you will be matched with a certified installer in your area as soon as one is available.

Your company will only approve installations using a Qmerit certified installer for your home installation. While Qmerit is continuously expanding its installer network, your fleet program is limited to electricians currently in-network. If you would like to refer an electrician to join the Qmerit network, they can contact Qmerit at 888-272-0090 or customerservice@qmerit.com.

If your charger is malfunctioning or you are having issues with the app/software, please contact the charger customer support team. Please let the Customer Service Technician know you are part of the your company’s program.

Yes, once installed, you will keep the charger and your company will pay the required employee payroll taxes due at time of termination. Any removal of the charger will be at your own expense, and proper disposal will be your sole responsibility.

Your company will only pay for one home charger installation. Any additional installation will be your responsibility. If you are planning to move, you may want to wait and have the charger installed at the new residence, otherwise it will be your responsibility to have the charger uninstalled/reinstalled at your new residence.

If you have any issues, contact your charger’s customer support team and they will help you work through the issues. In some cases, these issues can be resolved remotely. In other rare cases, the charger manufacturer will ship you a new home charging station and you will return the non-functioning one. You will need to contact your Qmerit Concierge to schedule an electrician to uninstall the non-functioning unit and re-install the new one once your warranty claim has been processed.

The charger manufacturer will provide an advance Return Material Authorization (RMA). They will ship you a new station with a return shipping label and you will return the non-functioning station in the same box. You will need to contact your Qmerit Concierge to schedule an electrician to uninstall the non-functioning unit and re-install the new one.

The charger manufacturer will provide instructions on how to do this. The activation process allows the station to be connected to the network so we can remotely see your energy consumption. Permission granting is very important, as due to privacy rules, you need to provide this permission for your company to track your data.

WiFi enables important features on the home charger, including remote troubleshooting, optimal use of the charger manufacturer’s app and facilitates tracking kilowatt-hours used to support home electricity reimbursement receipts.

Why Qmerit?

Charge Ahead with the Leader

Qmerit is leading the charge in electrification. We’re simplifying the shift from fossil fuels to a more sustainable, electric-powered future with expert installation services for EV chargers and other energy transition technologies.

  • We put
    safety first.

    Qmerit certified installers are licensed, insured and rigorously screened. We follow industry best practices, manufacturer guidelines and local building regulations—and we handle all required permitting and inspections.

  • We save you time
    and money.

    No need to spend hours researching electrical contractors and shopping for quotes. With our transparent pricing system, you know exactly what you’re getting. Plus our installers leverage group buying power to control costs and keep our pricing down.

  • We’re trusted by
    premier brands.

    Leading auto and EV charger manufacturers partner with Qmerit for home installation services. They know we’ll make the process easy for their customers while meeting their high standards for safety and service quality.

  • We stand behind
    our work.

    Qmerit’s certified electrician network has completed more than 269,000 EV charging installations. In addition to our exclusive Peace of Mind Guarantee, every job is backed by a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

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