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Commercial Assessment

Qmerit simplifies your commercial EV charging project, beginning with a streamlined assessment process to develop indicative pricing followed by a detailed proposal. To get started, please complete this form to give our team the information we’ll need in advance to make your site review as efficient as possible.

Before you begin, please make sure you have a recent utility bill on hand. You’ll also need a camera and access to your facility’s electrical room to take a few photos.

It’s simple, and we’ll walk you through it step by step.

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Safety First

The information requested in this form is important to us to provide the best solution for your EV charging needs, but safety should always be the first priority. Please follow the tips below to ensure no injuries occur while completing this form.

Electrical Room

3 ft hazard

When entering an electrical room do a quick scan of the room. Make sure you maintain at least a 3-foot clearance from all electrical equipment.

electrical hazard

Never open or remove any access covers on any electrical equipment.

loose wire hazard@2x

If any exposed wires are present, leave the area immediately and do not return until the exposed wires have been addressed and or repaired by a qualified electrician.

Parking Area

safety vest recommended

When surveying a parking area or parking garage it is highly recommended to wear high visibility clothing or a safety vest.

trip hazard

Make sure you avoid any hazards that may be present such as potholes, bumper stops, speed bumps, etc.

driver hazard

Never assume that any driver sees you.

stranger hazard

Be aware of persons who may be wandering the parking lot.

distraction hazard

Avoid distractions like texting and talking on the phone while walking through the parking area.

Additional Information

The links and information below are intended to highlight key regulatory requirements for commercial charging projects. As part of your turnkey charging solution, Qmerit will work with you to ensure your project complies with all applicable regulations including managing all required permits

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Requirements

National Electric Code (NEC 2017) Article 625

About the Permitting Process

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