Why Public EV Charging Sucks … and What’s Being Done to Fix It


With reliability issues and maintenance challenges, public EV charging can be frustrating for EV drivers needing to power up.

One of the most critical challenges facing public EV charging is a decline in skilled technicians able to ensure chargers remain operational and efficient.

In fact, electrician numbers are down ~50% from 20 years ago, and more electricians are retiring from the workforce than entering it.

“Scarcity of labor will have a big impact if we’re to meet the EV adoption levels proposed, so a key focus for Qmerit and others in the space is workforce development. We’re helping develop skills, recruit electricians, and train and certify them to ensure that they’re adequately prepared.”

Discover more about the state of public EV charging and the solutions underway with key insights from President of Qmerit Solutions, Tom Bowen, in the latest MotorTrend article.

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