What’s Behind the Epidemic of Unreliable EV Chargers?

- 12/12/2023

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has invested a whopping $5 billion in electric vehicle charging infrastructure–creating an incredible opportunity for the energy transition.

But simply funding the project won’t be enough to establish a dependable network of EV chargers that can support the widespread adoption of electric vehicles across the United States.

In our recently released Electrification2030 White Paper from Qmerit’s Electrification Institute, we’ve unveiled groundbreaking insights into the reasons behind the failure of public EV charging stations.

Qmerit is proud to take the lead in addressing the shortage of skilled electrical workers who can install and maintain these technologies.

Through our timely diagnosis and effective solutions, we are proud to collaborate with other key industry players to enhance public charging access and streamline electrification.

Find out more about the challenges and solutions in EV charging.

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