What Makes EV Charging Stations Fail? A New Study Gives Insight into EV Charger Challenges and Solutions.

- 09/26/2023

Nearly 21 percent of EV drivers experienced charging failures in Q1 2023.

But you might be surprised to learn that more than half of public EV charger failures come from issues in station connectivity, as shared in Qmerit‘s latest study, Electrification2030.

Learn more about key findings in Car and Driver Magazine‘s latest article exploring what makes EV chargers fail, why addressing EV charging issues will support the greater adoption of electric vehicles, and how charging experiences can be improved.

As a leader in the industry and the largest provider of EV charger installations and electrification solutions in North America, we’re thrilled to share the charging insights we’ve gained with more than a decade of experience in EV charging solutions.

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