How Qmerit is Working to Support Electricians and Fix Thousands of Broken EV Chargers Across North America

- 10/10/2023

The national network of EV charger infrastructure is set to be revitalized with $100 million in federal funding to repair and replace nonoperational EV charging stations.

But even with this funding providing a key support to make these changes, finding a qualified electrician with experience in EV charger installation and repairs presents another hurdle to creating a resilient and reliable charging network across the U.S.

To support national efforts of electrification by 2030, more than 142,000 certified electricians will be needed, and the situation is dire, especially with the existing workforce expected to decrease 14% from 2023 to 2030.

“We are going to need a whole lot more electricians for a long time,” and Qmerit is proudly working to meet that demand and support a new generation of electrical contractors.

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