How Much Does EV Charger Installation Cost? How Much Power Do You Need? What’s the Best Home EV Charger? We Have Answers.

- 05/17/2024

When it comes to driving an EV, nothing will bring greater value or convenience than investing in an at-home Level 2 EV charging station.

But charging an EV at home isn’t like any other appliance, and supporting EV charging may require a panel upgrade or load-management system.

In fact, Tracy K. Price, founder and CEO of Qmerit, estimates that between 20-30% of homes will need these infrastructure upgrades to provide the power needed for EV charging.

Qmerit is proud to help support homeowners in driving toward an electric future with safe, high-quality work that has helped us earn our reputation as North America’s #1 EV charger installation and electrification services network.

Learn more about EV charging at home in this great article from MotorTrend Group, shared on MSN:

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