Is Your Electrical System in Compliance With NFPA 70B?

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A simpler way to hire vetted and trained technicians in the U.S.

Need preventative maintenance on your electrical equipment? Use our simple online platform to connect today with a certified EcoXpert™ electrician trained by Schneider Electric to keep you in compliance with NFPA 70B and other safety standards and avoid inconvenient and costly downtime.

How It Works

Qmerit’s digital platform connects you to trusted Schneider Electric EcoXperts™ to perform preventive maintenance on your Square D™ and other electrical equipment.


Request electrical

You can quickly and easily request electrical services by submitting our request form. Simply provide a description of the service you’re seeking, some details about your electrical equipment and your contact information.


Connect with a Schneider
Electric EcoXpert™

When we receive your request, our AI-powered technology will match you with the Certified Partner who’s the best fit to provide the services you need according to your specifications.


Schedule your

Once you’re matched with a Schneider Electric EcoXpert™, they’ll contact you to schedule the work at your convenience. You’ll be able to access all job details on our platform.


Receive expert electrical

At the completion of your job, your electrician will upload documentation to our platform. We’ll then confirm with you that the work has been completed to your satisfaction.


Confirm you’re

Qmerit will contact you to confirm your service was completed to your full satisfaction. Only then will you be invoiced and your electrician paid.

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