Charging Your
Rivian Vehicle at Home

Rivian has partnered with Qmerit to Make Going Electric Easy

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Get started with your Qmerit installation credit of up to $2,000.

Rivian has partnered with Qmerit to bring Level 2 charging to your home. As North America’s most experienced EV charging installers, we set the industry standard for safety, service quality and customer support, plus every installation is backed by the exclusive Qmerit Peace of Mind Guarantee.

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Installation Services

Standard Installation

Qmerit will upgrade your electrical system to work with your  Rivian Wall Charger.

  • Up to $2000 credit toward installation and permitting – courtesy of Rivian
  • Customer support throughout the process
  • Manage the permitting process for your electrical system improvements1
  • 1-Year warranty on parts and labor

1Customer remains responsible for (a) payment of all applicable fees related to required permits, and (b) confirming the installer has applied for and been issued all necessary permits.

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How It Works

An installation credit of up to $2000 will be applied to your Qmerit project’s total cost.


Complete Assessment

Click Get Started Now to answer some questions about your home configuration and provide a few photos.


Quote Confirmed

We’ll send your survey to a Qmerit Certified Installer who will confirm your quote.


Schedule Appointment

Ready to move forward? We’ll contact you to schedule the installation at your convenience.


Expert Installation

Installation is completed by a local Qmerit-certified installer—an EV charging expert who is licensed, insured and background-checked.


Happy Charging!

Our dedicated customer support team is here for guidance throughout your installation process—and beyond.

What does Installation Include?


  • Installation of a Level 2 hardwire charging station (which you provide) or a NEMA 14-50 outlet to be used with a Level 2 charging cord (may be included with your vehicle) – plus labor and materials
  • Main panel load calculation to assess available capacity1
  • Permitting and inspection fees (where required, additional fees apply and will be added to final quote)2
  • Create and submit permit documents (as required by local jurisdiction)
  • Provide and install code-compliant electrical wiring and protective tubing
  • Provide and install a new, properly sized breaker in panel
  • Power up your charging unit and test for proper operation
  • 1-Year warranty on parts and labor

1Qmerit can upgrade your panel to provide sufficient capacity for EV charging and future-proof your home to accommodate additional electrification technologies down the road.

2Customer remains responsible for (a) payment of all applicable fees related to required permits, and (b) confirming the installer has applied for and been issued all necessary permits.

Not included

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Need more information?

Frequently asked questions

If you don’t see your question listed below, feel free to reach out to us at or (888) 272-0090 and we’ll be sure to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

The installation price will vary depending on your project requirements, but typically ranges from $799 – $1,999.  Factors impacting the cost include the length of wiring needed, installation method (hardwire or outlet installation), and location of the installation site in relation to your main electrical panel. In most cases, you will receive an upfront pricing estimate via email based on the responses you submit through our online assessment. If additional information is needed or your project requires electrical upgrades, your Qmerit-certified installer will follow up with you to furnish a custom proposal.

Qmerit is Rivian’s preferred home installation provider for the Rivian that provides Rivian customers with access to a nationwide network of pre-qualified, licensed electricians who specialize in EV charging installations. Every electrician within the Qmerit network has undergone a rigorous certification process which includes training, license verification, background checks, and more.

No, only Certified Installers within the Qmerit network are eligible to complete an installation that is eligible for up to a $2000 credit. Customers who complete an installation outside the Qmerit process are not eligible for the Installation Credit.

Rivian will be providing you with a Rivian Wall Charger, a Level 2 charging station.  Click here for information on the Rivian Wall Charger.

After you submit your Home Charging Assessment to Qmerit, a local installer will validate your scope of work and provide a confirmed quote. After you accept the installation quote, the installer will apply for permits and schedule your installation. The end-to-end installation timeline depends on your availability, the receipt of your charger, and how quickly your local municipality can issue a permit. You should allow 3-6 weeks to complete the entire installation process.

Rivian will cover up to $2000 toward the cost of your home installation and permit fees. If your installation costs and permit fees exceed $2000, you will be responsible for paying the outstanding balance.


Cut Your Home Charging Costs

It pays to go electric. Governments and utilities across the country are encouraging the adoption of EVs and other electrification technologies to promote sustainability and improve grid management.

You could be eligible to receive charging incentives totaling up to*:
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* You'll receive full details with your upfront pricing estimate.
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Why Trust Qmerit?

Qmerit is leading the charge in electrification. That’s the shift from fossil fuels to more sustainable, energy-resilient, electric-powered technologies—and we’re making it easy with our expert installation services.

We put safety first.

Qmerit-certified installers are licensed, insured and rigorously screened. We follow industry best practices, manufacturer guidelines and local building regulations—and we handle all required permitting and inspections.

We save you time.

Only select electricians earn the exclusive Qmerit certification, so you can be confident in the caliber of their work. We spare you the time and hassle of researching contractors, poring over reviews and comparing quotes.

We’re trusted by top brands.

Qmerit is the trusted home installation partner to countless automakers and charger brands. They know we simplify the installation process with our seamless solutions—and share their high standards for safety and service quality.

We guarantee our work.

Qmerit’s certified electrician network has completed more than 269,000 EV charging installations. In addition to our exclusive Peace of Mind Guarantee, every job is backed by a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Let Qmerit simplify your home charging experience. Getting started is easy!

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page for more information on Level 2 charging and the installation process.


*Average customer response when asked to rate on a scale of 1 – 10 “How likely are you to recommend your Qmerit installer to a friend or colleague?” Average score based on customer-paid Qmerit EV charging installation programs.
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