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Everyone’s going electric! Together, we’re moving from fossil fuels to a more sustainable, energy-resilient, electric-powered future. That transition is called “electrification”—and Qmerit built this resource center to help make it easier.

Discover Whole Home Electrification

Tap the icons below to explore the exciting energy transition technologies that today’s homeowners are adopting.

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EV Charging

With EV ownership soaring, many homeowners are starting the electrification journey with Level 2 home charging so they can recharge while they sleep.

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Solar Panels

Many homeowners start their electrification journey with rooftop solar panels to generate clean power that can be sold back to the grid.

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Battery Energy Storage

Turn your home into a “nanogrid” that can operate independently of the public grid when the electricity is out, or during peak hours when it’s more expensive.

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Smart Panels

Monitor and manage your electricity usage, and automate the way your electrification technologies interact with each other.

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White Paper

Electrification 2030

Qmerit has long been at the forefront of the electrification space. North America’s leading provider of installation services for electric vehicle (EV) charging and other electrification technologies for homes and businesses, the company supports the shift away from traditional fossil fuel-powered systems toward more sustainable, resilient electric technologies.

In this white paper, members of Qmerit’s team as well as other leading industry experts share their knowledge, insights and expertise.

electrification white paper qmerit 2030

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