June 20, 2024

Earn Rebates from SMUD When You Purchase or Install a Home EV Charger


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The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is a not-for-profit electricity provider with over 75 years of service in Sacramento County. With a service area of over 900 square miles, 1.5 million customers, and over 2,000 employees, it’s the sixth-largest community-owned electric service in the country.

As part of SMUD’s mission to reduce carbon emissions and create a greener future, residential and business customers can qualify for incentives that support electric vehicle (EV) adoption and access to EV charging. By installing a dedicated 240V circuit, EV drivers can fully charge their vehicle in 4 to 8 hours overnight, making it an incredibly convenient option.

SMUD EV incentives are particularly compelling for EV owners because they make at-home Level 2 EV charging more affordable as well.

The SMUD EV Rebate – Top Things to Know

Besides reducing their environmental footprint, EV drivers typically spend 60% less on fuel, and charging at home can help increase the savings of driving electric even more than using public chargers.

Going electric for residents of Sacramento County is made even more affordable thanks to SMUD EV rebate programs for homeowners and businesses.

The SMUD EV Charger Rebate for Homeowners

With the SMUD Charge@Home program, residential customers can receive up to ~$1,000 in rebates toward a Level 2 EV charger installation and any necessary electric upgrades, in addition to any qualifying state and federal incentive programs. The SMUD EV charger incentive amounts for residents are as follows:

  • up to $250 toward the purchase of a Level 2 EV charger.
  • up to $200 for a circuit sharing or energy management device.
  • up to $500 to install a dedicated electric circuit.

Click to learn more about the Charge@Home program or determine if you qualify for a free Level 2 EV charger under SMUD’s income-based pilot program.

As a residential customer, you can explore additional ways to save on EV charging with SMUD EV incentives, including a rate discount and rewards:

  • Once you register your EV with the DMV and add it to your SMUD account, you may qualify for a 1.5-cent discount on your kWh rate between midnight and 6 A.M., making overnight at-home charging even more affordable.
  • You can also enroll in SMUD’s EV charging pilot program and let SMUD create an optimized charging schedule for you. You’ll receive a one-time incentive of $150 and a quarterly reward of $20.

SMUD EV Charging Station Rebates for Businesses

Workplace EV charging is rapidly emerging as a differentiator for innovative businesses looking for unique employee and customer perks. Many companies are also investing in EV charging to facilitate fleet electrification and reduce operating costs.

Multifamily EV charging is another growing market as more tenants look for housing options that support their sustainable lifestyle and allow them to charge their EVs at home—offering a residential experience in a commercial building.

Besides saving $750 to $15,000 per electric fleet vehicle, business customers can qualify for EV charging rebates on Level 2 and DC Fast charging solutions:

  • Commercial rebates start at $500 for Level 1 EVSE, issued on a case-by-case basis.
  • Installing a Level 2 EV charging station with a J-1772, CCS, or CHAdeMo port can make you eligible for up to a $4,500 rebate.
  • School bus fleets can save on electrification with rebates of $7,500 or $15,000 per DC Fast charger based on performance.
  • If you’re not quite ready to invest in commercial EV charger installation, you can earn a $250 rebate per EV-ready stub out.

Find out more about SMUD’s commercial EV charging rebates and qualification requirements here.

Your business may also qualify for additional EV charger rebates thanks to an initiative between SMUD and Sacramento County. These rebates start at $5,000 per commercial Level 2 EV charging station or $6,000 for a Level 2 multifamily EV charging station.

Qmerit is SMUD’s EV Charger Installation Partner

Qmerit, the leading EV charger installation network, has partnered with SMUD and Uplight to offer bundled EV charger installations and help you maximize rebates and savings.

Save time and money by ordering directly on the SMUD Marketplace. We help streamline the rebate application paperwork and you can save money instantly on your Level 2 at-home EV charger installation.

  • Get an instant rebate of up to $250 at checkout. Customers on SMUD’s EAPR rate can get a rebate equaling the entire cost of the EV charger before taxes. Your EAPR status will be verified during checkout.
  • $500 rebate on installation through Qmerit, when added to your EV charger purchase. You can get prequalified for $500 off your charger installation or a FREE installation (up to $2,500) if you’re on SMUD’s EAPR rate. We’ll check your eligibility in your cart when you check out.

To get started, visit the SMUD Marketplace EV Charger Store.

About Qmerit

As North America’s most trusted EV charger installation partner recommended by automakers, EVSE manufacturers, utilities, businesses, and homeowners alike, Qmerit’s network of licensed electricians has installed over 450,000 EV charging stations. We’re here to make going electric easy—without compromising on the quality and safety of your installation.

Visit the EV Charger Store on the SMUD Marketplace for your Charge@Home installation estimate and to take advantage of SMUD incentives today.

Author: Tom Bowen

Tom Bowen

President, Qmerit Solutions and Commercial Electrification