May 30, 2024

A Guide to Securing High-Paying Electrical Technician Jobs in the EV Market


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Electrification is shaping the future of mobility. Between incentives from federal and state entities, businesses looking for savings, and consumers embracing sustainability, electric vehicle (EV) adoption is growing by the day.

The future is promising for electrical contractors with new opportunities and high-paying electrical technician jobs in the EV market. However, you’ll likely need to update your skills, establish yourself as a reputable EV expert, and form new partnerships to compete with the top earners.

EV chargers are unlike any other appliance and require additional training and certifications, but once you become a reputable EV charger installer in your area, developing this skillset will unlock new opportunities and the potential to significantly scale your operations and your income.

In this article, we explore how electricians can secure high-paying electrical technician jobs in the EV market and what you need to know to be successful as an electrical contractor in the era of electrification.

Developing Specialized Skills for EV Technology

EV charging projects entail working with high-load applications that require specific safety measures, high-quality materials, and additional training and certifications.

As an electrician offering these services, you’ll be required to perform advanced load calculations, guide customers through any necessary electric panel upgrades and overall electrical infrastructure updates to support their EV charger, and ensure the safe and proper installation of new equipment with a rapidly changing technology.

It is crucial to not only develop specialized skills for EV technology, but to also ensure that your knowledge, training, and certifications remain up-to-date with regular refresher courses. For example, while installing an EV charger according to current NEC code requirements may allow an installation to pass inspection, it can lead to further complications, melted components, and a loss of reputation and profit in the future because the technology is evolving faster than the codes are updated.

Using the right materials and the proper quality of materials, as well as ensuring your installation is done according to the EVSE manufacturer specifications can help you avoid these complications, but staying up-to-date on training with regular skills updates is one of the best ways to avoid these challenges.

What Skills Are Crucial for Electricians Offering Electrification Services?

Besides working with traditional electrical components such as wires, switches, and surge protectors, you’ll also have to navigate connected components and software since many EV chargers come with advanced smart features.

Gaining expertise in niche areas such as smart panels, grid interface technology for bidirectional charging, battery storage technology, and renewable energy integration including solar panels can help you secure better-paying electrical technician jobs.

Developing strong EV-related skills also means being creative in order to identify unique challenges and create a customized electrification solution that can help you safely navigate installation while also meeting customer demands regarding pricing, locations, and aesthetics.

Where to Begin Your Career for High-Paying Jobs as an EV Charger Installer

Residential jobs are a great starting point if you are just beginning your career as an EV charger installer and looking for electrical technician jobs in the EV market.

Once you have a portfolio of projects under your belt, you can leverage your experience to scale up and work on commercial or public projects, but this will require additional training and certifications as commercial EV charging stations have different specifications and will require different techniques, materials, and safety measures for installation.

With 28 million charging ports needed nationwide by 2030, updating your skills will pay off and you will be able to further access high-paying electrical technician jobs installing and maintaining commercial EV charging stations across the country.

What Training and Certifications are Crucial for EV Charger Installers?

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) is among the most widely recognized EV charger installation certifications. With information about EV charging specifications, utility requirements and grid stress precautions, EV charger installation best practices, and more, this is a key certification that every electrician installing EV charging stations should have.

Additionally, becoming a Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional from the NFPA can also give you an advantage for your own safety and protection and by providing an additional layer of assurance and comfort to your customers.

Depending on the type of technology you are working with such as a bidirectional EV charging station or the manufacturer of the product, there may be additional training and certifications available for that specific product or solutions suite to ensure the proper installation and implementation. Completing product-specific training can help you save time and effort, attract brand-loyal customers, and add an additional layer to building your reputation by knowing your customers will be satisfied with the quality and efficiency of their new charging station and any accompanying technology.

If you’re currently a Journeyman, obtaining a Master Electrician Certificate is another important step to take. This license further proves your expertise and will inspire the trust of potential employers.

Building a Strong Professional Portfolio

The key to securing high-paying electrical technician jobs is demonstrating your experience and showing potential customers and employers how you can create value for them.

Document the projects you work on to build a strong EV charging portfolio, including plenty of evidence, any customer testimonials, recommendations, or reviews, and plenty of photos of your work at every stage in the process. Emphasize the problem you identified for each customer, how you addressed it, and the improved outcome. Use metrics to demonstrate how you helped clients save money or upgrade their electrical infrastructure and charging capacity if possible.

Building an online following through social media can also be a great strategy to document your work and build a loyal client base. When customers are in the market for a service provider or important purchase, insights from other consumers remain the most trusted source of information.

Presenting real-world examples of your successful electrification projects makes EV charging feel more accessible and shows how your services and expertise can address problems your future customers will likely relate to!

Networking and Collaborating Within the EV Industry

Building partnerships within the EV industry is crucial for your success.

There are different types of partnerships to consider, such as working with a local dealership or utility to support their customers, partnering with another local electrician or electrical contractor to scale projects, or joining a national organization for access to larger opportunities with training, discounts on products and unique insights into products from equipment and product suppliers, OEM leads, and commercial opportunities.

Besides helping you connect with leads, strategic partners can help you keep up with the latest technologies, anticipate regulatory changes, and gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ challenges. You’ll also access opportunities for training and certification as you further develop your EV-related skills.

Electrification is a trend that is shaping the country’s energy infrastructure on multiple levels, and your professional network should reflect the scope of this trend.

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